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Work hard, Play hard. This is our motto at City Farmer and our goal is to get your children outside and enjoying the outdoors. Keep your kid’s bodies and imaginations active outside with one of our many backyard fun products. Wooden swing sets, trampolines, and basketball goals have been added to our inventory to facilitate your backyard activities. We offer two brands of both wooden play structures and trampolines. In addition to the swing sets and trampolines, we also carry Ryval Hoops. This is

Want that wooden Playset that the whole neighborhood is talking about? We can do that! With us, you can build large custom swingsets in a configuration that would be one of a kind for you that no one else has even dreamed of yet. The difference with both companies versus other products is that you don’t have to settle for someone else’s predesigned play set. We can custom build your Life Time wooden swingset just for your children and to accommodate the space you want it to fit in.

Backyard Adventures Wooden Swing Sets
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BACKYARD ADVENTURES® has been designing and building wooden play sets for over 25 years. In all this time, the most important lesson we've learned is to focus on total customer value. For us value is many things: Quality, Durability, Safety, Good Prices, Fun, Excellent Service, and Ease of Installation. Most recently we've learned that through enhanced product innovation, we can provide the highest value available. Innovation is a cornerstone of our company, and you'll see the results of creative ingenuity throughout all of our products.

Our innovative products, combined with service from your local dealer, guarantee a memorable shopping experience. We know your time is valuable, so you'll find it easy to work with our dealers and our products. Our goal is to keep our business as simple as possible, without compromising our quality. As you consider our variety of outdoor play set options, we know you'll be satisfied with whatever Backyard Adventures wooden play set you choose.

Backyard Adventure Swing Sets
Backyard Adventure Play Grounds
Backyard Adventure Play Sets

Tree Frogs Swingsets

Tree Frogs provides high quality cedar wood and red wood swing sets. Tree Frogs offers 10 year and Life Time warranties depending on the swing set as well as modular sets for customizing.

All Seasons Products

All Seasons BBQ Pits, Washer Boards, Fire Pits, Rocking Chairs & Benches.

All Seasons BBQ Pit
All Seasons Bench
All Seasons Fire Pit

Springfree Trampolines

Springfree Trampolines are as tuff as they get and also provide innovative technology with every trampoline, for FREE. tgoma has sensors placed on the mat that connect via Bluetooth to your tablet and uses your body as the remote. Children can play a game that not only exercises their bodies but their minds as well. Springfree Trampoline uses flexible composite rods that lie beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way and also supports the mat well above the frame so you can’t hit it. Springfree has created a shock absorbent SoftEdge™ mat that eliminates any hard edges at the jumping surface and allows for 100% use of the mat area.

AlleyOop Sports Trampolines

AlleyOop Sports Trampoline offers the VariableBounce 12 or 14 feet, PowerBounce 12 or 14 feet , DoubleBounce 14 feet, Power DoubleBounce 14 feet, VariableBounce Rectangle 10X17, and finally the PowerBounce Rectangle 10X17. Bring height to your bounce with both safety and comfort, Great bounce for all experience and age levels, the BEST warranties available, the STRONGEST safety net available completes this package for parental peace of mind, and EXCLUSIVE double mat system just got safer with the NEW patented easy-up net.

Ryval Hoops

Ryval Hoops Basketball goals have been in the basketball goal business since 1995 with multiple stores in Texas and now across the country. For many of those years we sold a few other brands and were always listening to our customer product feedback from glass thickness, hardware coatings, to quality of rebounding and all-around play, etc. We found that we could not get all the features & quality our customers were demanding at an acceptable price. Having had decades of hoop experience, our Ryval Hoops team went to task designing the ultimate basketball goal with all professional quality performance and features that players & families have been requesting at an affordable price. True competition-grade clear view backboard play for your basketball court or driveway, Ryval Hoops is ready to develop the next generation of basketball players. Fixed Height goals for institutional grade durability & performance for parks, schools and backyard courts, Adjustable height goals help younger players develop proper shooting technique & mechanics while enjoying success early on, Ryval goals are built for the training & rigorous play demands of athletes, from beginner to professional that rival no others.

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